Friday, May 16, 2008

Blogging To The Bank Review

Is it really possible to make a lot of money through blogging? I'm sure you have heard of claims of the high income some are making through blogging and wondering how they do it. Rob Benwell has been making at least $500 per day and provides his moneymaking methods in his popular ebook Blogging To The Bank. In it he explains his step-by-step techniques to earn through adsense and affiliate commissions using free blogs.

Although I have tried various methods to be successful in blogging, it has been a longer road to achieve and still not quite where I would like to be earning from blogs. If I had come across Rob Benwell's Blogging To The Bank ebook sooner, I could have taken a shortcut and avoided the pitfalls along the way.

If you are new to blogging or the internet business in general, this ebook is worth it's price as it offers a lot of powerful techniques as well as pointing you in the right direction to achieve blogging success. Even if you are an advanced blogger, the Blogging To The Bank ebook will help you to increase traffic and make your blog more visitor-friendly.

For myself, I will apply the techniques to fine tune and increase traffic, which is an important aspect to earn from a blog. It's also good to know that Rob Benwell offers an 8-week money-back-guarantee just in case the ebook is not what it is represented to be, which helped in making my decision to purchase and evaluate it. It is an interesting read and offers a lot of valuable tips for the beginner or advanced blogger.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Google Pulled The Plug On The Page Rank 10 Experiment

Well so much for the PageRank10 site reaching their goal of PR10 and my chances are out the window from owning the site if it reached PR10, not that I was anywhere near close to being the top referrer. This page rank update came unexpectedly as was less than the usual 3 month period and seems to have struck hard on some websites. PageRank10 had about 98 days or so to go in their experiment at the time Google decreased their rank from PR6 to PR3....ouch. Don't feel bad, I also got stung on one my sites which went from a PR6 to a PR3 too. It's disappointing but PR is never guaranteed anyway. PageRank10 stated on their site that they believed the reason could be because of paid links because otherwise it hasn't affected their serps ranking, just the visual PR. Seems lately paid links has been an issue with Google and they have been penalizing sites because of it.

Now PageRank10's strategy is to build more backlinks than Google UK since it is a PR8. They have over half million backlinks while Google UK has close to a million. They want to find out if having the same amount of backlinks will give them equal pr. If you would like to join in their quest plus get your site listed free in their search directory then give them a visit. This will be interesting to find out though somehow I don't think its necessarily the quantity of links you have but rather the quality, as I've learned from experience. Maybe they should try this approach in their next experiment.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WhyPark One Year Review

It's been over one year now that I have been using WhyPark's content service for my domains and have found it to be more than satisfactory. With standard domain parking I was basically making peanuts and not gaining any overall benefit for my domains. With Whypark I could easily set up sites containing numerous articles from targeted keywords. The sites were indexed, could move up in the serps and gain page rank. And I could put various advertising networks to gain 100% of the profit.

My initial investment was covered in the first month and since then have had my sites hosted free while making money through adsense, affiliate sales and selling the domains. I think it's a great way to store domains and not have them collecting dust just parked & sharing revenue with a traditional domain parking service.

You may be hesitating at the initial $100 investment but should consider it reasonable at $1 per domain to get 100 sites hosted indefinitely with fresh content. If you were to get regular hosting for 100 sites could pay anywhere from $10 to $25 per month, so within months you would have already paid $100 and continue to pay more to host them longer. Not to mention you would have to set up these sites with content from scratch which can be very time consuming. With Whypark what you are paying for is a one-time fee to host up to 100 sites with instant keyword rich content and you keep all revenue you make. Plus you are part of a "profit sharing plan" as an affiliate so if anyone purchases the service through your affiliate link from one of your sites or promotion, you make over $45 in commission. Of course this was not the basis of my joining, although an added benefit, as I needed a service where I could store domains, quickly set up sites and not worry about the hosting of them while working at my own pace. With hardly any effort, one of my sites in one google update went from a PR0 to PR4 and I sold that domain for a good profit.

Here is an example of one of my sites using a recently added template: Domain Names The more coding you know, you can set up some great looking sites. But if you don't have the time, just using one of the standard templates and adding a few simple features works just fine.

WhyPark continues to improve their service, having added new templates and recently moved to a larger server. The service is defintely worth it from my experience and I recommend giving it a try.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Google's Last Pagerank Update...Slow Like Molasses

I'm sure anyone who was anticipating Google's pagerank update may as well have hibernated like a bear because it took 6 months this last time around. October 26th is when I noticed page rank changes on my sites as the previous update was back in April. What a snooze.... I don't know if that's been the longest time for a pagerank update since I haven't been monitoring as carefully as this time around. Usually it's been quarterly, every 3 months.

It put a real damper on my web directories as I took on more than I could handle. They were all growing quickly like an octopus, in every direction, while I anxiously awaited the update hoping to flip them at a higher price with increased page ranks. Well it turned out google was penalizing pagerank on some directories for paid links, which didn't apply to mine since they were all free. But one went down in page rank while the others increased. I don't understand why but I think I must have got carried away with the link building strategy that it saturated to the point where instead of increasing PR, it decreased. And one of my Whpark sites fared the best with a 4 notch increase with only a few backlinks. So I've come to the conclusion when link building to concentrate on the quality of the links rather than quantity.

If Google goes back to it's quarterly update then the next one should be near end of January and hopefully not another 6 month wait like this last one. I'm not as anxious this time around since I sold most of my directories for a tidy profit and I'm on to new ventures.